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Guatemala Highlands Restoration Projects

The Guatemala Highlands Restoration Projects are focused on restoring the heavily degraded cloud forests in Guatemala's central mountains.   The project provides jobs for communities to restore their native forest, create nature parks that can be enjoyed by communities, and provide jobs for those who need it most. This model provides immediate and long-term solutions that benefit both communities and environment.

project goals

plant millions of trees

hundreds of hectares

provide employment to communities

ecotourism opportunities

creating nature parks

a story of transformation


 from degraded to forested 

people leaving home in search of income

loss of important cultural forest for the indigenous community

land left idle

loss of natural spring water

erosion into rivers that millions depend on 

jobs and opportunity at home with family

a protected forest for the community to enjoy for years to come

sustainable and profitable agriculture

reforestation leading to water retention

clean water in the rivers for millions

   from deteriorating  to regenerating   

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Donate to the Guatemala Highlands Restoration Project

To support this project through an online donation via credit card, debit card, or e-check, please click the button below and add that you would like your donation to support the Guatemala Highlands Projects in the comment section.
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about your donation

You are donating to Restoration Era, partner of The New Horizons Foundation Inc. Your donation is fully tax deductible in the USA and is applied directly to Restoration Era's work. Thank you for partnering to create a brighter future.

to learn more about how to support this project's journey of 
socio-environmental transformation

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