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Many regions in the world have lands that once were productive for agriculture and coastal
fishing, but their forests have been destroyed and can no longer support those livelihoods.
People end up slipping into poverty and experience increasing desperation.

Restoration Era has a triple bottom line initiative to

  • Restore the Environment

  • Create Jobs

  • Transform Lives

Rather than being a tree-focused reforestation company, we are a people-focused restoration

We Restore the Environment—reforesting lands whose ecology has been devastated.
We Create Jobs—alleviating poverty as we hire marginalized people to reforest their
lands and stimulate community-based businesses.
We See Transformed Lives—treating people with dignity, caring about their wellbeing,
and seeing people thrive.


meet the founders

Restoration Era is a family-led organization. It has been a dream of the founders to build a transformational organization that can create long-term change for people and planet.

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