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restore the environment,

create jobs, &

transform communities


support a project

Support large scale community and environmental transformation at a site of your choice.

 sponsor a forest

Subscribe to sponsor the transformation of a forest and provide a family sustainable income.
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support the mission

Be a part of transforming the environment, creating jobs, and changing lives in the areas with the most needs.


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​Rather than being a tree-focused reforestation organization, we approach environmental restoration with a community focus.

  • The ecology of  devastated lands is restored.

  • Livelihoods are transformed by alleviating poverty: we hire marginalized people to restore their lands, and we stimulate community-based businesses.

  • Lives are improved: we treat people with dignity, care about their wellbeing, and seek life transformation.

how the mission is achieved

1. develop natural restoration projects

2. employ communities to restore their environment

3. build sustainable, community-led businesses




Days of consistant work for those who have never had a consistant paycheck. 

working days provided


These trees will store carbon, prevent erosion, and stabalize water tables benefiting the entire region.

native trees planted


This is equivalent to restoring an area about the size of 28 city blocks.

square meters being restored


These jobs allow people to live close to family, provide for their loved ones and pursue their ambitions.

new jobs created


per tree model

types of projects

voluntary carbon market

carbon offsets

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why era?

Efficient & Effective: Our process uses the most cost-efficient reforestation methods and has proven to be effective in many ecosystems.

Experienced: Our leaders have led community-focused reforestation projects in seven countries and have supported the launch of carbon projects in several countries.

Cross Cultural: Our team​ has all lived internationally and has successfully led multinational organizations.

Community Led: No one knows the project area better than the community living there. Era empowers the local community to lead the carbon offset projects.

More than the Environment: A project will only endure the test of time if the community’s livelihoods are improved. Era’s projects focus first and foremost on sustainable improvement of livelihoods.


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